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Paranormal Reader

"Paranormal Reader" image by BoingBoing artist Rob Beschizza for my essay solicited by David Pescovitz. Thanks, David and Rob!

I routinely interact with journalists and major blog sites and try to write for major Web magazines that treat religion in sophisticated and nuanced ways. Here are some of the more prominent examples, listed, more or less, in order of their appearance.

Realizing Eliade's Dream: Francis Ford Coppola's 'Youth Without Youth" film review for The Immanent Frame at

Skeptiko interview with Alex Tsakiris at

New York Times feature article by Mark Oppenheimer on Authors of the Impossible at

TheoFantastique interview with John Morehead at

BoingBoing piece "Psi-Fi: Popular Culture and the Paranormal" at

Immanent Frame interview with Nathan Schneider at

Patheos piece "Why Limit Ourselves? The Future of Religion" at

Humanitas (2011) interview with Stuart Nelson on our "Crazy Gifted" department at

Christopher Dow's essay on Authors of the Impossible for Rice Magazine (pp. 18-21) at

Real Clear Religion review of Authors of the Impossible by Rod Dreher at

My essay "How We Got To Super: Grant Morrison's Visionary Gnosticism" for Religion Dispatches at:

A Patheos Book Club Feature on Mutants and Mystics, including an excerpt, ten reviews, and my response to the reviews:

A really smart interview with NPR’s Mark Lynch of "Inquiry":

Another really smart interview with NPR’s Steve Paulson of "To the Best of Our Knowledge":

The art magazine Bomb asked Peter Bebergal and me to have a free-wheeling conversation about our respective books, both on comics, art, mysticism, and creativity. Here is that conversation:

An interview with Joanna Harcourt-Smith of "Future Primitive" on the relationship between human sexuality and mystical states:

A piece in the Houston Chronicle on a civil, productive, and friendly debate I engaged in here at Rice on the historical Jesus:

A gorgeously illustrated interview with Ryan Muldoon of "Revolt of the Apes":

An excerpt from Mutants and Mystics hosted by the popular blogsite "Reality Sandwich":

Another great interview with Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris:

My 2012 TEDxHouston talk:

An interview with the internet radio show "42 Minutes":

An interview, entitled “The Impossible Exists” (which is also what Superman is telling the potential reader on the cover), with Dr. Tomer Persico in the Shabbat evening Culture and Arts supplement of the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv:

An entertaining interview with host Steve Paulson of the NPR radio show "To the Best of Our Knowledge" around Halloween of 2012:

A public lecture at the Rothko Chapel here in Houston on the “spiritual but not religious” phenomenon entitled "America and the Religion of No Religion” (3 October 2103):

A full hour-long interview on my work on emergent mythologies and the paranormal with Will Linn for the on-line radio show “Mythosophia” entitled “Sci-Fi and Super Heroes: Pulps, Comics and the Paranormal”: 

A website interview with Erik Davis enititled “Edgewalker: An Interview with Jeffrey J. Kripal”: 

An interview with She Fah Szetu for Malaysia’s BFM 99.9 Business Station entitled “Night on Earth: Mutants and Mystics” (1 August 2014):

Jack Hunter of the journal Paranthropology recorded a series of interviews at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, in October of 2013, during a symposium on the anthropology of the paranormal that I co-directed with Jack and David Hufford:

A two-part radio show entitled “A Case for Studying Religion” that features a discussion between Prof. Stephen Prothero of Boston University and myself on the state of the study of religion in the colleges and high schools around the appearance of my new textbook on comparing religions for Interfaith Radio with Maureen Fiedler:

This is an especially rich media cycle that begins with my feature piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education on the future interface between the sciences and the humanities. This piece almost immediately attracted a materialist screed in The New Republic to which I then responsed. All of the relevant links are embedded here:

A return to “42 Minutes” with William Morgan and Douglas Bolles, this time around my Chronicle piece “Visions of the Impossible”:

A lively interview that I was asked to do with Rick Strassman about his new book on entheogens and the Hebrew Bible for “Reality Sandwich”:

A brief but potent interview on “Religion and the Paranormal” that Prof. Diana Walsh Pasulka of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, did with me on the occasion of the publication of her new book, Heaven Can Wait: Purgatory in Catholic Devotional and Popular Culture (New York Oxford: 2014):